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As one of the reasons many of us joined DTS, and indeed a major reason for joining any fraternity at all, we want to add some substance to our promise of mentorship and networking opportunities.

Under the guidance of Dr. David Wieckert, the Mentorship Committee is charged with the goal to match each active with an alumnus working in the active's desired field or industry. This opportunity is just getting off the ground, and the active members would really like to see it grow in order to connect more of our Actives with fellow alumni for mentoring and networking.

I would personally like to thank Karl Crave for being the first alumnus to volunteer his time to the Mentorship Program. Karl is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and is working for a Milwaukee-based company that will soon be expanding into the Madison area. Pieper Power has just been contracted to build a community digester near Waunakee, which will use manure from local farms as an energy source. Nick Baltz, the current active Treasurer, is majoring in Biological Systems Engineering. He hopes to someday run projects just like the one Karl will be managing. Again, many thanks to Karl for his time. Hopefully Nick will get some helpful words of wisdom, and be able to utilize this newest networking opportunity.

The other active members are majoring in a wide variety of fields. From History to Landscape Architecture, from Ag Business to Civil Engineering, Delta Theta Sigma is home to individuals with mixed backgrounds and a diverse set of career goals. If you would be able to offer just one hour per month to mentor a current active, or if you would be able to help develop the program, please contact Mike Baumgartner, Secretary, at