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Maverick 2010

The annual Maverick Poker Tournament occurred on March 6th. It was well attended by recent alumni including: Chance Hilbink, Richard Ballenger, Mitch Brey, Mike Baumgartner, and Andrew Stott. All in all there were twelve participants in Maverick.

Play began with playful banter from players, observers, and bartenders alike. Stories were soon swapped only between alumni as the alumni knocked out the actives and dominated the day as the final four came down to the aforementioned alumni. When Mike had to leave for a previous engagement, Mitch Brey took his seat and heated up the competition quickly taking a large portion of Richard’s chip stack. Not to be outdone, Chance soon flopped top two pair against Mitch’s top pair top kicker adding Mitch’s chips to his stack. Richard was soon knocked out and it was down to heads-up between Andrew Stott and Chance HIllibenk. Chips were soon in the middle when Andrew flopped top pair against Chance’s flush draw. When the flush draw missed Andrew was named the winner for the second time in four years.