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End of School Year Update

Things are looking up as DTS is finishing out the semester.  We have had a very productive start to 2010 adding two excellent members to our brotherhood, and making some nice house improvements.  Alex Pojman and Kevin Beene are our two newly activated brothers, and scored higher on their tests than anyone in the last few semesters.  Both are passionate about DTS and we are looking forward to big things from both of them.

As for the house, over the last few weeks the Good Room has been getting a much needed upgrade.  A new paint job has given the room a little more color, and our Little Sister organization is making new curtains for the windows.  I am also happy to announce that starting next fall the food at our house will be provided by College Fresh. They are a food service company based out of Champaign, Illinois. College Fresh caters to over half of the Fraternities and Sororities at the University of Illinois and have been in business for twenty-five years.  We are confident that with their expertise in providing quality food our house will be more attractive to potential members and renters.

Our chapter is excited to host Conclave next year, and we're looking to have an impressive representation.  To show our guests how nice the University of Wisconsin is, we are most likely holding our banquet at either the Red Gym or Memorial Union.  With our improved recruitment skills led by Nick Woboril we're also optimistic for a good fall rush.  Our high school housing scholarship program has once again had a decent year, as two men and two women have accepted their offers to join us at DTS.  We've a had a successful spring semester and are looking forward to outdo ourselves once again next fall.


Delta Theta Sigma - Activation Spring 2010

Brother Activation - Spring 2010