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Summer Picnic 2010


This year’s Summer Picnic was hosted by Jim Petersen at his beautiful

home in Columbus, WI. He was kind enough to show us his apple orchard and his flock

of sheep before lunch. There were burgers, brats, a few very tasty pasta salads, and Nick

Witte and his wife even brought a smoked salmon.


Though the summer has been warm and muggy, when it isn’t raining, July 25th brought

a clear day, low humidity, and a perfect temperature for a gathering of DTS alumni.

After letting the food settle, a large group of us had it out on the volleyball court. A few

friendly games later, we were all tired but very content. We joined in with the guys sitting

down to a game of Sheepshead, and fun was had by all.


All in all, this was a most successful Summer Picnic. Thanks Jim!