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Featured Alumnus: Darand Borneman

Darand Borneman

Darand Borneman joined DTS in the fall of 1991, following in the footsteps of his older brother, Dallas. Since then, DTS has offered him a wealth of both personal and professional relationships. A number of his closest friends were members of DTS, and even his wife of twelve years, Terri (Rolling), is a Little Sister. He and his wife now live in Milton, WI and they have two boys, Daniel Alexander and Noah Louis.

He graduated in 1995 with a BS in Food Science. Returning to the UW to complete his Masters in Food Science in 2008, his research centered on the predictive microbiology of pathogen growth in raw and ready-to-eat meat products. Darand created an interactive computer software program for use by meat processors. Models can be viewed and accessed on UW-Extension website.

Darand is currently working as Director of Quality and Safety for S&R Egg Farm in Whitewater, Wisconsin, which is the largest commercial egg producer and processor in the state (currently top 20 nationally). Previously, he has worked in vegetable, meat, and dairy processing, and he assisted in writing the Guidance Document for SQF 2000 Audit (processing) for shell eggs.

Outside of DTS, Darand remains involved in his community as a Church Elder, a YMCA Youth Coach, and a 4-H Leader. He is an avid outdoors-man, as well as both a sheep's-head and volleyball player. He enjoys watching football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, preferably the Badgers.

Because he just can't get enough of the University of Wisconsin, he'll be back next spring to begin working on a PhD in Food Science. With a focus on the economic advantages and disadvantages of scale as well as better defining what “buy local” means, Darand's doctoral research model will take into account carbon footprint and economies of scale. At the conclusion of his research, he will be able to write and implement an interactive computer program that will take into account complex economic, geographic, and industrial variables to aid producers in making best practice assessments and minimize environmental impact.

Despite his busy schedule, Darand has been deeply involved with the DTS Alumni Foundation, and has always been willing to help the Alumni Board with various projects.

Proudest Moment at DTS:

Having Todd Scott, Dave Moyer, Larry Lennert, and Larry Porter, a group of alumni that I previously had not known, suggest that DTS start a scholarship in memory of my brother and fellow DTS alumnus Dallas.  It was very hard losing Dallas, but the compassion and foresight these gentlemen had was astounding.  It got me way more involved in DTS as an alumnus and gave the Scholarship Foundation a huge financial shot in the arm. Brother Nick Witte and his wife, Little Sister Carla, deserve recognition for this, as they organized the first Chula Vista Scholarship Banquet following Dallas's death that was a HUGE financial and social success.

Biggest Personal Honor at DTS:

Winning the Russel Ballweg Memorial Scholarship was an honor that has meant more to me than any other award I have ever received. My brother Dallas was the first recipient and to be worthy to join him as a fellow recipient was humbling beyond words. I don't think some recipients realize the scope and history of this award. That is a shame because it is truly an honor to even be considered.

DTS Members Most Proud of:

My two pledge sons, Lee Niven and Chris Perman.

You Probably Didn't Know:

I go by my middle name, Lee, professionally because no one could ever seem to pronounce or spell my first name right. It was extremely frustrating. My wife doesn't like it and stubbornly calls me by my first name when speaking to the owners. It has caused a bit of confusion and a couple of good laughs at company functions.

I have a slew of nick-names inherited at the House: Bucky, Limpy, Step-Boy (thanks Tator), amongst others. The one I like best and the one that has seemed to stick is “Freak”. It was given to me for my "enthusiasm". I still have the Troll doll in my trophy case from this "seminal" event.

What DTS Has Done for Him:

DTS has offered me a tremendous wealth of both personal and professional relationships. A number of my closest friends are fellow DTS brothers. DTS helped me to become a productive and professional person. My time at the house was amongst the greatest moments of my life.

DTS Member He Most Would Like To Emulate:

Dr. David Wieckert Dr. Wieckert is a Ditzer that I believe we should all lionize. He is, in my opinion, the epitome of what a DTS member/ alumnus should be: Determination, professionally successful, yet gracious and humble; Thoughtfulness, doing everything he can to help and support the house; Sincerity, giving, but never expecting awards or accolades. I have a tremendous level of respect for Dr. Wieckert. It was a huge personal honor for me to introduce him as one of two inaugural DTS Hall of Fame members. He is a special man and if you haven't met him, you should make the effort.

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