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Alumni House Manager Report

We have 26 people living in the house at 252 Langdon now. Next year, we have 15 signed contracts for the year. This number tends to go up toward the end of the school year as people living there now cement their plans for next semester. 6 of those signed next year are incoming freshman; this has been another banner year for the high school scholarship program.

The laundry room remodel project is nearing completion. Additional materials and work expenses will probably be around $2000, though we have not gotten an exact estimate for the plumbing. The electrical work and the plumbing are being subcontracted out in order to comply with building code.

I would like to walk through the House with a building inspector and the fire chief when all remodeling and House work day projects are completed, in order to get an idea for future projects and Alumni Work-Days. One mandatory project will be replacing the fire alarm system. Our current system will become obsolete in 2014; the new sprinkler system will need to be installed by then also. Some sort of visual alarm will need to be installed.

Next, with wiring already being installed in the new laundry room, it would be a good idea to get an updated service entrance panel, and a new sub-panel for the 3rd floor. This sub-panel would allow for one or two circuits per room, plus several for the bathroom.

Finally, we could install a few new windows per year; some of the larger windows haven’t been looked at in over a decade, and add to our heating costs in the winter. Replacing some of the windows on the second floor would be a smart investment.

Please send comments, suggestions or anything else you think of.


Mike Gresch