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The House is a Rental Property?

Did you know that less than half of the house is occupied by DTS members? When membership is low, renting out the vacant rooms to other students is a must in order to maintain cash flow.

In the past we didn't necessarily do a good job keeping up with all of the requirements of owning a rental property. Over the last two years, we've made great strides improving every aspect of our operation: we updated the rental contract to help better enforce house rules, we adjusted rent pricing to better compete, and we froze rent for members to encourage them to stay for multiple years.

However, we're still not as efficient as we should be compared to other commercial properties. Last month the alumni board hired a local Madison housing consultant to help close some of our remaining gaps. We also joined the Madison Apartment Association to provide us with other landlord resources. With all of the recent changes, DTS is poised to have a full house and a successful financial year in 2010.