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2010 Themes

We've got a long year ahead of us with a LOT to accomplish. Since I took office last year, I've put a heavy emphasis on goal setting. This gives us focus and discipline to make progress and improve DTS. While there are many different thing we would like to do for DTS, there are six main themes we need to focus on in order to succeed.
Engage our Alumni: DTS is a brotherhood that doesn't end with graduation, and while we may sometimes lose contact with our fellow Ditzers, we don't want to lose touch entirely. We want you thinking about, talking about, and participating in DTS.
Improve our Structure and Management: We want to streamline all of our efforts and we want to make everything the board does more transparent and accessible. By improving our structure, we hope to lead DTS more effectively.
Create a DTS Brand: One of the difficulties DTS faces during recruitment is a lack of a unique identity on campus. A strong DTS brand will be crucial to recruitment success in 2010.
Leverage our Brand to Recruit: In addition to a strong brand, we need a solid recruitment plan. With the help of our scholarship program and new tools from PhiredUP, DTS should continue to see healthy growth in 2010.
Maintain our Current House and Financials: Keeping our current house up and running is no easy task. We have specific targets that will ensure our financial success.
Create Plans for our Future House: The inevitable is coming. We MUST have plans to modify the house by January 1, 2012. We want to be ready to present some options at Homecmoing next year.