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Fall 2014 President's Report

President's Report:

Hello everybody, this is Connor Hartigan, active president of Gamma chapter.  I was president last semester and am happy to be back.  But as to DTS, everything at the house is going well.  We don't have as many brothers as we would like, but recruitment is going well and we should be able to keep building into the future. The house is, as always, a work in progress.  We just had a new sprinkler system installed and are always making small fixes and improvements as needed.  Relations with the inter-fraternal council and the university are fine, the same with nationals.  This semester we will be sending 5 brothers to conclave at Alpha in Ohio to represent us.  Overall everything is going well and it should be another good semester.


One new thing that is happening currently is that we are trying to keep the mature alumni more updated as to what is happening with the active chapter. We will be starting to do this by sending out a copy of the Cornucopia to the list of mature alumni we have. This will have small articles from the exec boards from last semester and the current semester along with some pictures and general updates about the house. I know there there have been some problems with email and electronic newsletters in the past, so our goal is to send out a physical copy for everybody to read and keep you all in the loop about how the active chapter is doing. The active chapter and alumni board would really like to make sure everybody is kept informed and create a more involved alumni community. If this newsletter is well received this could be something that happens regularly in the future.