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New Member Thoughts Fall 2014

Left to Right in Front Row


Kalle Kutschera:
Spring 2013 New Members

My name is Kalle Kutschera, I'm a freshman and I just pledged spring 2014. I'm majoring in geological engineering and geoscience. I came to DTS as part of the high school scholarship and initially didn't have any intention of joining. That changed as I got to know the members and the friendships they had. This led me to begin the pledging process in the spring with the other pledges Pavle, Brandon, At fire side, it re-cemented my decision to join DTS even more.  Overall I am proud to be a member of DTS and look forward to my years here.


Pavle Kostovic:

As a new student in the computer science field, I was very worried about my academics and the effects that living with a fraternity would have before coming to DTS. Following my first semester, I found myself certain that I wanted to join the group. While the house and association were nice, it was the brothers and sisters of DTS that sold me on pledging. I was met with a group of friendly, inviting people who were all strongly dedicated to their academics and the interests of their fraternity. For me, it was paradise. I was glad to pledge Delta Theta Sigma's Gamma chapter, and I was happy to study hard and become a brother.  The constant fellowship and respect that I was treated with by most of the brothers that kept me going. Looking back, I feel as if every part of it was worth it. I've received invaluable advice and guidance from my brothers, and I believe that joining Delta Theta Sigma was easily one of the best decisions.

Brandon Buss:

Hi, I'm Brandon Buss, a freshman at the UW and a new member of Delta Theta Sigma. Joining the fraternity was the best part of my second semester. I found out about the organization through a friend who lived in my dorm, and I can't imagine not having the family I have made through DTS. I loved pretty much every part of the pledge process. I loved fun week, staying over at the house every night and getting caught up in shenanigans. My favorite memory so far has been indoors, where the pledges had to put on a show for all the active members. It was a truly great time.