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End of School Year Update

Things are looking up as DTS is finishing out the semester.  We have had a very productive start to 2010 adding two excellent members to our brotherhood, and making some nice house improvements.  Alex Pojman and Kevin Beene are our two newly activated brothers, and scored higher on their tests than anyone in the last few semesters.  Both are passionate about DTS and we are looking forward to big things from both of them.

Maverick 2010

The annual Maverick Poker Tournament occurred on March 6th. It was well attended by recent alumni including: Chance Hilbink, Richard Ballenger, Mitch Brey, Mike Baumgartner, and Andrew Stott. All in all there were twelve participants in Maverick.

Mentorship Program Takes Off

The Mentorship Program is off to a great start, with three alumni now volunteering. Luke Piwoni has recently offered to help out one of our two History majors. Steve Rantala has the goal of becoming a history teacher, and may job-shadow Luke at his high school. Finally, Darand Borneman will be advising Michael Cayemberg on the ups and downs of the poultry industry. Mike wants to own his own business someday, hopefully on the supply side of a winery or brewery.

Cornucopia and Alumni Newsletter - Fall 2009

You'll have a chance to hear from our newest board members, see pictures of your fellow Ditzers in action at a few 2009 events, as well as find out what happened when we paid off

Aquaholics Take the Polar Plunge

Every winter the brothers and sisters of Delta Theta Sigma set their dignity aside to jump into a frozen Lake Mendota to raise money for the Special Olympics of Wisconsin. This February 20th will be no exception. Led by Mike Cayemberg and perennial favorite, Mike Baumgartner, 17 Ditzers, will take this honorable plunge at Olin Turville Park with a goal of raising $1,825.

If you're brave enough, sign up for the plunge, or you can always donate to one (or more) of the brave souls that doesn't mind a little ice their feet.

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