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New Member Thoughts Fall 2014

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Kalle Kutschera:
Spring 2013 New Members

Fall 2014 President's Report

President's Report:

DTS Fall 2011/Spring 2012 Cornucopia and Alumni Newsletter

Attched you will find the DTS Fall 2011/Spring 2012 Cornucopia and Alumni Newsletter in its entirety.

Sheepshead Roundtable

For those of you who cannot make it to the Alumni Breakfast in Middleton, come play Sheepshead in the afternoon. Play will start at noon, and continue until 3:00 pm. We will hold a monthly alumni meeting. More cards to follow, assuming there are interested parties.

Annual Alumni Breakfast

You are invited to attend the Annual Breakfast Get-Together

Date: Saturday, May 7, 2011

Place: Sofra Family Bistro (formerly, The Bavaria Family Restaurant) 7437 Elmwood Ave Middleton, WI
This is located one block south of University Ave., off Parmenter Street in Middleton’s Old Downtown District.

Time: 8:30 AM

Alumni House Manager Report

We have 26 people living in the house at 252 Langdon now. Next year, we have 15 signed contracts for the year. This number tends to go up toward the end of the school year as people living there now cement their plans for next semester. 6 of those signed next year are incoming freshman; this has been another banner year for the high school scholarship program.

Featured Alumnus: Darand Borneman

Darand Borneman

Darand Borneman joined DTS in the fall of 1991, following in the footsteps of his older brother, Dallas. Since then, DTS has offered him a wealth of both personal and professional relationships. A number of his closest friends were members of DTS, and even his wife of twelve years, Terri (Rolling), is a Little Sister. He and his wife now live in Milton, WI and they have two boys, Daniel Alexander and Noah Louis.

He graduated in 1995 with a BS in Food Science. Returning to the UW to complete his Masters in Food Science in 2008, his research centered on the predictive microbiology of pathogen growth in raw and ready-to-eat meat products. Darand created an interactive computer software program for use by meat processors. Models can be viewed and accessed on UW-Extension website.

Alumni Referrals: A Great Way to Stay Involved

As Fall recruitment gets underway, now is a great time for alumni to take part in this never ending task.  As actives, all we need from you is a name and number of any freshmen or sophomores enrolled at University of Wisconsin.  With our new and improved recruiting skills, we can take care of the rest.  Putting in a good word with your referrals about DTS doesn't hurt either.  If you have a referral you would like us to recruit please contact our Rush Chairman Nicholas Woboril at (715)-340-1421 or by email (

End of School Year Update

Things are looking up as DTS is finishing out the semester.  We have had a very productive start to 2010 adding two excellent members to our brotherhood, and making some nice house improvements.  Alex Pojman and Kevin Beene are our two newly activated brothers, and scored higher on their tests than anyone in the last few semesters.  Both are passionate about DTS and we are looking forward to big things from both of them.

Maverick 2010

The annual Maverick Poker Tournament occurred on March 6th. It was well attended by recent alumni including: Chance Hilbink, Richard Ballenger, Mitch Brey, Mike Baumgartner, and Andrew Stott. All in all there were twelve participants in Maverick.

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