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Cornucopia and Alumni Newsletter - Fall 2009

You'll have a chance to hear from our newest board members, see pictures of your fellow Ditzers in action at a few 2009 events, as well as find out what happened when we paid off

Aquaholics Take the Polar Plunge

Every winter the brothers and sisters of Delta Theta Sigma set their dignity aside to jump into a frozen Lake Mendota to raise money for the Special Olympics of Wisconsin. This February 20th will be no exception. Led by Mike Cayemberg and perennial favorite, Mike Baumgartner, 17 Ditzers, will take this honorable plunge at Olin Turville Park with a goal of raising $1,825.

If you're brave enough, sign up for the plunge, or you can always donate to one (or more) of the brave souls that doesn't mind a little ice their feet.

New Active Members

This fall semester we welcome four new brothers into DTS. Please join us in welcoming them into our brotherhood.


Everette Griffin

Ryan Morrissey

Mario Hevesi

Nick Woboril


As one of the reasons many of us joined DTS, and indeed a major reason for joining any fraternity at all, we want to add some substance to our promise of mentorship and networking opportunities.

Under the guidance of Dr. David Wieckert, the Mentorship Committee is charged with the goal to match each active with an alumnus working in the active's desired field or industry. This opportunity is just getting off the ground, and the active members would really like to see it grow in order to connect more of our Actives with fellow alumni for mentoring and networking.

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