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Proposed Constitution

The Alumni Board has been operating without working knowledge of a Constitution since as least 2003. As one of six initiatives for this year, the Board has set out to improve our structure and management. After some digging, a constitution of unknown age was found with some other documents. The existing constitution doesn't accurately reflect the way we conduct business, so a new constitution is being proposed. A final vote will occur at the March 6, 2010 meeting (9:00 AM at 252 Langdon in conjunction with Maverick).

New Active Members

This fall semester we welcome four new brothers into DTS. Please join us in welcoming them into our brotherhood.


Everette Griffin

Ryan Morrissey

Mario Hevesi

Nick Woboril

Competing in the New Student Housing Market

This presentation was given at Homecoming 2009 and discusses the need for house improvements in order to stay competitive in the ever changing student housing market.

If you haven't done so already, you should also watch Required House Improvements.

Required House Improvements

At the 2009 Homecoming meeting Dr. David Wieckert, inaugural Wall of Fame Member, gave a six minute presentation on some necessary house improvements. 2005 Wisconsin Act 78 requires that all fraternities have sprinklers installed by 2014. DTS must comply with this new law in order to own ANY size house. View the slide show to learn more.

2010 Themes

We've got a long year ahead of us with a LOT to accomplish. Since I took office last year, I've put a heavy emphasis on goal setting. This gives us focus and discipline to make progress and improve DTS. While there are many different thing we would like to do for DTS, there are six main themes we need to focus on in order to succeed.

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