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The members of Delta Theta Sigma participate in a wide variety of philanthropies. Whether it's cleaning up around campus or swimming through iImage may contain: 1 personce, the members of Delta Theta Sigma give back to our community. Blood drives, roadside cleanups, and tutoring are only a few ways to get involved - check out this website for more Madison events:

Our chapter hosts its very own philanthropy, called the "Lose Your Clothes for Charity" poker tournament. For a few pieces of old clothes, poker players compete to win some great prizes from area businesses, including many State Street restaurants and businesses. The clothing collected goes to the Community Action Coalition, which donates everything to homeless shelters in the Madison area. With this winter being especially hard, this philanthropy makes us feel warm inside knowing we've made a difference

Earliest in the school year we take part in "Trick-or-Treat with the Greeks." All the participating Greek houses on campus work together to present local school kids with a college-bound version of Halloween, in a safe and fun environment. They paint pumpkins, decorate cookies, collect candy, and get to tour a haunted house! Usually most all fraternities and sororities participates in some way, either with set up or take down, or as costumed nightmares that entertain (and frighten) the kids.

Also in the fall we work with the Habitat for Humanity on their Madison-wide rake-a-thon. People donate money to the HFH to have us come rake their lawns. Last year we were designated to rake two lawns. That doesn't sound like much, but the night before there was a snowstorm. It was still early in the year and most of the snow melted, but there were still about four inches on the ground that we had to rake along with the leaves. We even made a leaf-filled snowman! Another fun event we like to do with HFH is the Souper-bowl party every January. Artists from around the area donate clay bowls, which local chefs fill with homemade soup. Our group is always the cheeriest one there, singing in the kitchen while we wash dishes. These events help raise money for a great cause; housing the disabled or disadvantaged in Madison and the surrounding areas.

The next philanthropy takes place at the beginning of every December; NBC's Project G.I.V.E. Volunteers ask area people to donate canned goods or other non-perishable items; if people are home, we explain that we are collecting food for the Second Harvest Food Bank. If not, we leave a paper bag and directions for them to place it outside for us to pick up the following week. This is one of our favorite events as it shows that we college kids really care enough about our community to give a lot back. Last year Project G.I.V.E. donated 10,000 meals to Second Harvest!

Every February, a small group of us plunge into Madison's Lake Monona for the Special Olympics' Polar Plunge. We raise money online and in person, asking friends and family to donate money to our team. Since we've been doing this Delta Theta Sigma has helped raise over $1,500! This event has drawn many more groups in recent years than in the past and every year gets a little colder, and a whole lot crazier. We're proud to be part of this Wisconsin tradition.