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Delta Theta Sigma does more for the community than just spread brotherhood. The fraternity is very active in community service and is always seeking opportunities to raise funds for those in need.

At the start of the semester, the fraternity participated in The Ride. The Ride is a benefit for cancer research where the frat brothers and sisters obtain pledges for each mile ridden from family members, friends, or acquaintances. The more miles ridden, the more funds raised, and the more can be done for those in need of cancer treatment.

The fraternities next event was video game night, where each member paid a standard amount of money in order to receive poker chips. With these poker chips, members could bet on their own ability in certain video games in hopes of winning more chips. At the end of the night, participants placed their chips in a bin representing the charity of their choice. After all was accounted for, the charity with the highest chip count was awarded all the money raised in the fundraiser.

After that, Delta Theta Sigma gave back to the community in the form of work. Serving under the East Madison Monona Coalition of the Aging, members would rake leaves for elderly citizens in the fall months. This opportunity allowed many elders to enter the winter months more comfortably, and allowed the fraternity to establish more relationships in the community.

Lastly, our fraternity partook in a food drive fundraiser to wrap up the semester. Can goods were brought to the Langdon house, and from there, were transferred to the Associated Students of Madison’s The Open Seat. The Open Seat serves as a food pantry for students right here on campus at UW-Madison. It’s a place where those who struggle financially to afford food throughout the semester can come and obtain the goods they need to survive, and it feels great as an organization knowing we can help those peers whom we share a campus with every day.