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Prospective Members


A member of Delta Theta Sigma Fraternity is someone who first and foremost dedicates themselves to their education. At DTS school comes first. After all we are at college to educate and better ourselves. Secondly, a member of DTS is someone who thrives off of responsibility and leadership. As members, we are in charge of leasing out our house, balancing a large budget, and representing DTS and the University of Wisconsin in a positive way. We pride ourselves on the amount of responsibility we take on at such young ages. The leadership involved with DTS translates well to a resume and can be applied to many real world experiences. And finally, members of Delta Theta Sigma are people who like to feel that they are part of something positive and fun.

DTS is a relatively small, close-knit fraternity with about twenty brothers. With the smaller size of our organization, the bonds we form with each other become unmatched with any other organization on campus, and we find ourselves part of a family, rather than an organization. With that said, Delta Theta Sigma doesn’t tolerate hazing; we would never want to hurt our family physically or emotionally. 

Questions? Contact:

Recruitment Chair

Andrew Semancik

(608) 572-7835